Volvo Cars

An Exhibition of Space

Everyone knows most cars can fit any number of everyday items inside. Groceries, luggage, a croquet set, perhaps. But what about smaller cars? How much might one fit in there? It’s a curious question. One that we determined could only be solved with Art.

The Exhibition of Space virtual reality experience consists of a Tetris-like challenge to pack an entire art exhibition into the trunk of the Volvo Cars XC40.

The trunk pops and an art exhibiton appears, visible through a portal. You are prompted to reach into the portal, grab some art – then pack it into the trunk. It doesn’t seem possible. From paintings, to sculptures, to even interactive pieces, it all gets swallowed up by the trunk – leaving a lasting impression that this small SUV has big capacity.

Today, anyone can try it for themselves, immersing themselves in the virtual world of Volvo Cars at any one of the Volvo studios in Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo or Stockholm.